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10:48 DEC. 18, 2015

Firm in Russia's Ingushetia republic uses fish skin to make souvenirs

Fish leather shoes cost around EUR 130

A firm in Russia's mountainous republic of Ingushetia, has chosen fish skin as a new material from which to craft souvenirs. The enterprise, named 'Shadi', uses the fish leather to make clothing, shoes, handbags and even paintings. Salmon, carp, sturgeon and trout are all used.

The products are apparently proving popular with customers, although 'Shadi' Director, Adam Albogachiyev says: "Until recently we didn't have enough raw material. It was hard to come by raw material in Russia, although it seems that we live in such a big country, the territory of which is washed by numerous seas. Our producers, fishermen, found it easier to throw skin away than take it off. That is why we had p roblems with raw material. It's getting better now. We have our suppliers in Russia and abroad."

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Lida Ozdoyeva is an artist who makes the paintings from fish skin she says the technique is a demanding one.

Lida Ozdoyeva: "Leather is charming, I mean salmon. I like it, it is soft and very good to work with. It would be a shame not to use it. But I am warning any person who wants to do it, that it needs a lot of patience. A lot of people have talent, but not everyone has patience. If we talk about oil paintings, it is difficult to convey the colour. But here it takes more patience, because one needs to cut, to glue and choose the colour so it should fit in."

The technique of using fish leather to make goods is also found in Iceland. At the firm in Ingushetia, prices range from around EUR 26 for a belt to over EUR 130 for a pair of shoes.

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